Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tambun Fishing

Cheaka's uncle has boat house located on a lake in Tambun Ipoh. He had us there last Chinese New Year so we were thrilled to get invited back , this time it was only with Adrian, Evan and his girlfriend. We caught lots of fishes and my favorite was a Soon Hock which was with a rod that I had left idle for long while.

With an impressive collection of fishes , it was decided that I would cook them for dinner. So off we went to Giant with Siong ( the guy in blue) and Kumar ( dude in orange) in tow.
The Haruan was steamed and the other fish was deep fried with dried chili , onions and garlic..

The dinner was ok...even if the steam fish wasn't steamed properly...we were happy ..

The next day I made french toast , eggs and sausages.......

Continued fishing till the 8.30pm and then we went home back to KL

Saturday, October 21, 2006


Malaysian Skyline Club; Cheaka and I had gathered a group of Skyline owners with the intention of sharing information, knowledge and mainly to have a blast with out cars. I have to admit that the club has been fairly inactive in its 'blast having' department as a majority of the members have usually rather sit around and talk about bodykits and stuff. Wanting to do something different , I had suggested that we all take a drive up Genting that evening.Due to its impromptu'ness, it was no suprise that no one wanted to go. Not wanting to waste the fantasic weather, it was wet and slippery, Cheaka and I decided to go by ourselves.


Anyway, the drive up was fantastic!! The road was empty and the surface was just perfect.; damp and not too slippery. The lower profile tyres matched with the bigger rims has done wonders to the car's handling . It was alot more stable and I am really impressed with the locking ability of the handbreak, a little tug and the rear wheels would instantly lock up. Cheaka and I had enjoyed ourselves so much that we decided to go back up for another round after coming down to Gotong Jaya to have tea!! Nights like this certainly reminds me on why I took up drifting in the first place.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I wanted to do something to the car's rear as its stock rear bumper looks a bit out-of-place with the after market front bumper and side skirts. So after seeing Eric's Supra having these locally made Diffusers on, I had decided to get one of my own. The installation took 3 hours as custom brackets had to fabricated . This was done at Jaafar Exhaust in Sunway.

Visually , I have to admit that I was a wee bit disappointed as I thought that the Diffuser would be a lower as to be in line with the lower side skirts and bumper. As it turned out. it was only about an inch lower than the bumper. However, my disappointment soon disappeared when I drove the car home. Driving the car at about 150kmh, I felt a significant difference in the cars handling.The car felt really stable , which was one of my gripe about the 200sx as compared to the Skyline. Infact I could feel the difference even at speed as low as 70kmh. So I suppose, I'm happy laa.........

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Good Ole' Days

Its was earlier planned that a bunch of us were to go up Genting as I was dying to try out the 200sx with its new setup. And like all our other plans , it fell thru; one had suspension problem , one had to stay back at work, one had an unexpected visit from his girlfriend ( sheeesh). Anyway in the end, I ended up testing it out in Sunway with Ron Lim ridding shot gun. Cheaka also had a go in her car and I was quiet impressed with her courage of tackling the technical and risky corners.

Later that night we ,Wee Liang, Shah ,Cheaka and I decided to pay my friend a visit during one of their regular straight line testing sessions. It definately brought back old memories when I was a regular in that group , forever 'testing' with anyone that wanted to give it a go. The cars present were very impressive; with the right balance of form and function. Supras, Skylines, Evos, WRXs, RX7s were all present with really impressive straight line speed.

Wee Liang had earlier asked me to have a test with him, which I jokingly agreed. Later that night after seeing a number of cars going at it, he asked me again . So off I went with Wei Liang ...the 200sx straight line performance was practically a joke. The wheels didn't even break traction at any point of the 300meters course. Although being left two cars lenghts behind, I had fun.

The thought did come across my mind, that maybe I should make an effort to go for these meets more often as I was really enjoying myself that night. However, the realisation of why I opt not to do it anymore in the first place before ,hit me in the face like a freight train during our post testing yam cha session. Hearing the guys talk about the other cars that were testing that night made me realised that Drag racing and smack talking goes hand in hand. Having said that, the people that were talking were real decent people. I mean they are really nice people but I suppose competition brings out a different side of them.Then again maybe I'm too sensitive as I would hate anyone say things about me or my cars the way I heard the things were said. Yes I that the latter would most probably be the reason, hence I'll just stick to what I am doing now.....

At Sunway

Impressive collection of fast cars

Shah entertaining us with his antics

Cheaka and Syed posing next the 200sx

Sunday, October 08, 2006

My Friend Alan

I only got the pleasure of knowing Alan about a year ago. Like all friends , there are something very paticular and unique about him. For one ; he hates getting his picture taken, well you might say that its the same with most people, but for Alan , he hates it to the point of being violent. He had told me stories of hitting a camerman at his sisters wedding!!!Another thing that I found amusing about Alan are his stories. Apparently , as a child , he had 5 holes on his head..muahahahahahhahaha..I dunno how that story came about but he just told us that one day. Another thing about him that is so funny are the excuses he makes when he's usually centres on him having the 'runs'. Anyway . I like Alan ....

Alan hidding from the camera..

Alan learning to dance

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hakosuka ; The Box Skyline

About 3 years ago, a friend of mine had called me saying that he met someone driving a vintage Skyline. Not knowing what it was ,he called it a R31, as everyone thinks the Skyline R32 is the second generation of the line up. Anyway, I was interested as I found the boxy appearence of the R31 to be appealing, even till today. Pestering my friend for more information, it was a pleasent suprise to later find out that the car is a '73 model.This inturn confirms that the car in question isn't a R31 but instead a highly sought after KPGC10. Excited, I insisted to see the car on that day upon the discovery. It was only at 11pm that I finally manage to see the car in the flesh.The car was definately in a sorry state. It was rusty, the paint was dull and faded, and the interior was in a complete mess. Inspite of all that, I paid a deposit and took ownership of the car the very next day. I have to admit, restoration isn't my expertise as I have made tons of mistakes along the way.For one I have made the mistake of trusting the painters of stripping the car's interior which they have either damaged or misplaced a number of the parts. And I have made the mistake of allowing an inexperince painter do the body work of the car. Anyway, the whole unpleasent experince have left me with the decision to put the project aside until I have enough time and resources to get the job done properly. Having said that , the car definately looks tons better then before.

Here are a few pictures of Hakosukas that I hope my old Skyline will turn out to look like.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

The 200sx

Not to be confused with the S14 200sx, this S13 200sx is similar to the 180sx and the reason being that it is named as such is because its an domestic model rather than a Japanese import. The 200sx features a 240kmh speedo as opposed to the 180kmh which you will find in the 180sx besides a bunch of other things that I am unaware of. Honestly speaking; I know nuts about this car.

Anyway, I purchased this car from Patrick; which was a person that I had always said hi whenever we met but never had a chance to find out his name...we had mutual friends you see...anyway it was located by my ever resourceful darling, Cheaka and I promptly contacted him. Saw the car on Thursday night and settled payment and name transfer before lunch time on Friday.

The car originally came with a smokey CA18DET which has a knack of smoking excessively at the traffic light. The engine was promptly dropped and in place is a SR20DET which once resided in a KE70. Anyways, with only a GTR intercooler and piping as the form of engine modification I am deterimine to learn to drift this underpowered help me God ..heheeeehehehe

Anyway here are some cosmetic changes that I have made to the car with the excuse for lightweightness and better cooling :)



The bonnet I got from Smith ..the front and rear lights I got from Tee...the sideskirts I got from there..

One of the changes I had made that helped alot in the car's handling is fitting on 17 inch rims,as opposed to the 16 inch that came with the car
.the lower tyre profile had made the car more stable and less bouncy while driving normally ..The fenders and guards needed to be knocked out a bit to accomidate the bigger offset and size rims..hence the chipped paint..oh well looks like I'll have to paint the whole car later

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